Sic Motorsport Products (SicMSP), Poor Service Experience

The following is an account of the customer service I received from Sic Motorsports. In short I received a faulty bumper and the situation to date (8/16/2011) has not been rectified.

As expected, has shut down the thread linking to this page to cover up for shady business practices on behalf of a site sponsor. I managed to grab a PDF of the page, who knows how long it will be accessible. Closed CorvetteForum Thread PDF

Help me out!

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Daniel, can you please email me an invoice for the bumper I picked up on Monday.


Here ya go, have a good Christmas!

Hi, it's Chris Hayes the guy from this thread  on the corvette forum.

So I'm still dealing with getting the paint work on my car fixed, however driving home from work last night I had a bit of a problem with my bumper.

Driving through Venice I came to an intersection where I needed to slow due to the grade on the other side of the road (Brooks & Pacific Ave.). 

I heard the signature scrape that we all get when we creep over bumps but then I heard a distinct crack. 

I pulled over to a parking lot to check things out and the splitter cracked vertically and the bottom lip (under the bumper) also broke off. 

I bring this to your attention because, I wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary in regards to driving my car slowly over a road grade change, 

and my car sits at stock height.

I know you had been experimenting with a different urethane mix due to "drooping" on earlier bumpers, and wanted to see if you had run 

into "brittle" bumpers with this new mix.

I was hoping you could advise how to repair this damage or hopefully arrange something in terms of a replacement.

Thanks Again


Hey chris,
Shoot me a picture. The urethane is bad, we just wanted less prep work for painters. 
Its most likely the guys put in the bolts on the underside and it snagged the bumper. 
Either way, ill see what it looks like when you send me some pics

As requested, here are the pictures.

The crack runs right up the very tip of the splitter, and a whole chunk is missing from the bottom of the bumper, but the fiberglass is still in place.

The fiberglass piece was never bolted to the bumper by the shop, they completely lost the hardware that shipped with the bumper.  

I put a couple of bolts on either edge of the bumper into the fiberglass but those are on the sides adjacent to the wheels.


Hey Chris,
I dont see any pictures... I forget to attach them too

Weird, I embedded them in the message and got them in the response.

Let me try again.


I sent you another pic of my bumper as requested and left a couple of messages last week.

Please get back to me when you get a chance.



were do you want the new one sent??

Address edited out for privacy.

Thanks Again, I'll definitely be speaking up about your customer service.

Daniel, any timeline on when my replacement bumper may ship?I'm trying to make arrangements with my new body shop to fix all the problems with my car.



Daniel, just checking in to make sure you got my shipping address. It's been over a week and I tried to call you to confirm mid week, 

but you never got back to me.

Please let me know if you need anything from me.



Daniel, seems as though the phone number on your website no longer works, I get a message from Verizon saying it has been disconnected.

Anyway, when we last spoke (2 weeks ago) you said you would be shipping out my bumper within a day or two. 

I don't want to be a pain in the ass but is there anything I can do to help move this quicker. Is the money an issue? if so I'll gladly send along a bit to help. I'll even come out an pick the part up to avoid shipping costs if it helps. 

I need to get my car back together, and this is the last part I need. Please let me know what I can do to help move this along.

Thanks again.


Hey Guys,

yeah, Sorry... between updating all the contact info and getting the new paint shop up to speed, Ive been pretty busy.

Chris, I'm waiting on another batch of bumpers for you

Daniel I emailed you on the 26th and left a message on the phone monday. Any updates?

In my email I was asking about spoilers too.


Daniel, I've tried to contact you numerous times over the last several months.

I need to know whether I'm going to be able to procure a bumper from Sic MSP or if I should just buy another GM bumper.

The bumper I purchase from you is literally falling apart at this point.  The urethane seems to have gotten even more brittle over time, 

and there are now large portions of the bumper missing and many structurally significant cracks. 

I can't safely drive the car anymore.

Please let me know.


Daniel, I've been trying to get in touch with you over the course of the last 6 months with little success.

It seems as though at this point you have no intention of replacing my faulty bumper.

Attached is a document outlining all of our communication that has taken place since initially doing business.

Additionally in the document I outline all of the attempts I have made to contact you via email and messaging on

I ask that you please contact me ASAP to resolve this issue as I am considering releasing this document to the forums at large.

Regards, Chris

P.S. I will be sending this message to you from multiple email addresses to ensure delivery.